If you find yourself dragging your feet every morning, then you’re not alone. Try out some of these tips to get through the week ahead:

1. Tackle the hardest stuff on your list

Put down the hardest tasks on your to-do list and tackle them early on. This will help pump up your sense of accomplishment and give you that positive buzz for the rest of the week. When you’re done with the urgent and biggest tasks, you’ll get to glide through the remaining week as it’s all downhill from there.

2. Change of scenery 

Explore new and exciting hot desks, meeting rooms and workspaces to explore instead of sitting at your desk. Spare Workspace offers hundreds of unique workspace venues for you to use hourly or daily. Look forward to a different workspace. 

hot desk in surry hills
Find inspiration in this beautiful light-filled terrace house, located in the heart of Surry Hills.

3. Put your phone away

Yes, we said it. Put your phone away. It’s so easy to pick up your phone to see amazing travel bloggers posting photos on Instagram or where friends are having brunch on their day off. It may only be a few minutes but it can add it throughout the day.

4. A clean space is a productive space

Too much clutter can kill productivity. It’s hard to get in the zone when there are loads of clutter on your work desk. Remove all distractions, get settled with a glass of cucumber-infused water and start your day.

clean desk

5. Listen to music

According to research, music helps the brain achieve the alpha state. It’s where the mind becomes alert and peaceful helping you concentrate and focus on the task at hand. Pick a song that you love which gives you plenty of energy. Pump it and get on with your day.

Have other awesome ways to power through your day? Let us know, we’re always looking to share tips with the Spare Workspace community.


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