Planning enjoyable Christmas office party games that everyone will love doesn’t have to break the bank or take an afternoon to plan. Some of the most memorable office party moments can come from the simplest party games. We’ve gathered a selection of work party games sure to get your entire office in the holiday spirit!


Christmas Charades

Charades with a funny Christmas twist can get the entire office in the holiday spirit. Divide the party into two or more teams. One person from each team has 1 minute to act out a holiday word, phrase, or saying while their team guesses the answer. The team with the most correct answers wins!


Name The Holiday Song

All you need for this simple Christmas party game is a selection of classic holiday tunes. The goal of the game is to name the holiday song. There are two ways to play this game:

  • Have players write their guesses down in order. The player with the most correct answers at the end wins. You can optionally award bonus points for correctly guessing the song’s singer.
  • Ask players to answer out loud, the person who guesses correctly first being the winner.


Unwrap and Pass Game

This game requires a bit of set up but can lead to moments discussed over the water cooler for months. Wrap a gift card, company apparel, or small gift in several layers of gift wrap. Tape a small piece of paper to the front of each layer that instructs who the gift should be passed to. Partygoers take turns unwrapping one layer and passing the gift until it’s finally unwrapped. Be creative with your instructions! Ideas include:


  • All was merry, and all was bright; pass this gift to the person wearing the most red tonight.
  • You’ve unwrapped a few layers but have many more to go, pass me to the person most likely to shout ‘ho ho ho.’
  • Unwrapping this gift may take you a while, so pass this gift to a person with a smile.


Christmas Family Feud

Guessing games done in a Christmas style make for simple, low-prep office party games that make everyone a bit more comfortable. Collect answers to common Christmas questions (such as “What’s your favorite Christmas dish?”) either at the office a week before the party or online. The most common answer should be worth the most points. Divide your partygoers into two groups. The group with the most points at the end of the game wins.


Pin The Nose On Rudolph

A classic office party game that requires very little prep. Print out or draw a picture of a reindeer. Use either red puffballs or red construction paper cut into the shape of a nose. Partygoers can take turns being blindfolded, spun in a circle, and pointed at the picture of Rudolph up on the wall. The person who pins the nose closest to where it goes is the winner!


Ornament Relay

Ornament Relay works best for larger office spaces or meeting rooms. Set up a course, obstacles optionally, and divide your party-goers into teams. Each team is given a spoon per member and a single ornament. The object of the game to hand off the ornament in a relay race using only the spoons. If the ornament is dropped, the person must start the course over from the beginning. The first team to have every member complete the course without dropping the ornament wins.


Santa Limbo

This funny Christmas office party game can help ease everyone into the party mood. Set up a limbo stick and provide partygoers with a ‘Santa belly’ – an oversized pillow they can stuff under their shirt. Take turns limboing underneath the bar, lowering the bar after everyone’s had a chance. The winner is the person who can limbo the lowest while still keeping the pillow underneath their shirt.


Candy Cane Collection

Person holding Candy CanesProvide a large bowl or container and a pile of candy canes. This game can either be done individually or in teams.

Partygoers place a candy cane in their mouth that they must use to hook and transfer the rest of the candy canes into the bowls.

No hands allowed! The individual or team that transfers all their candy canes the fastest is the winner.


Ornament Guess

This simple work party game can be played from the day you set up the office Christmas tree. Decorate the Christmas tree with a plethora of ornaments. The more ornaments you sneak into the crevices between branches, the better. Go all out with your decorations! Ask people to guess how many ornaments decorate the tree and award a small prize to the winner.


Christmas Card Match-Up

This fun and thoughtful idea makes for a great Christmas game for work. Buy a set of cheap holiday cards so that you have one for each person. There are two ways to write greetings on the inside of the card:

  • Write a message personalized for a specific person at the office, or
  • Write greeting cards in pairs, with each card in a pair personalized for a fictional person

Christmas CardsPass out the cards at random, making sure that nobody receives their own card. The partygoers should read their cards and ask questions of each other to find their matching card.

When writing the greetings, you’ll need to add clues so that your partygoers can walk around asking “yes/no” questions until they find their card. Include unique details such as that one of the fictional pairs took a trip to the Grand Canyon last Christmas.

The more variety you have between cards, the easier this game will be to play.


Jingle Bell Shake Off

Looking for the funniest Christmas office game you’ve ever heard of? Grab 12 jingle bells, 2 empty tissue boxes, and either a strap or belt. Fill the boxes with 6 jingle bells each and attach them to your belts. With the box strapped to your waist, the object of the game is to be the first competitor to empty your box by shaking your hips, jumping, and twisting. Hilarity will ensue when the boss has one stubborn jingle bell left!


Present Stacking

Gift and gift wrapping suppliesPre-wrap a series of oddly shaped objects. Think of objects such as empty boxes, office supplies, or hobby items.

With everyone in two teams, the goal is to stack the highest tower of oddly shaped presents in the shortest amount of time possible.

If anything falls off, the entire tower must be dismantled and rebuilt.

Candy Cane Hunt

This easy office Christmas game is sure to get everyone in a more festive mood. Take fifteen minutes to hide a variety of candy canes throughout the office before anyone arrives. Get creative with your hiding spots. Who would suspect a lemon-lime candy cane hiding beneath their keyboard? The winner of this game is the person who finds the most candy canes. Sharing those candy canes is optional.


Saran Wrap Ball

This gift passing game is sure to be a hilarious hit and a new office tradition. Using saran wrap, start your ball by wrapping your ‘most valuable prize’ like a gift card, watch, mug, or another small object. Once you’ve wrapped it in a few layers of saran wrap, add another small prize on the outermost layer. Wrap this prize with a few layers and repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the size and prizes within your saran wrap ball.


Allow everyone to take turns unwrapping saran until they reach a prize before passing the ball on. You can set this process to either music or a time limit to make it more interesting.


DIY Reindeer Antlers

Ready for another hilarious work Christmas game? You’ll need two sets of pantyhose and plenty of balloons. With your partygoers divided into two teams, the winner will be determined by who creates a realistic DIY pair of antlers first. Teams will blow up balloons and stuff them into the pantyhose, which is then placed on the head of one lucky team member.


Optionally, you can award the win to the biggest or best-looking antlers rather than the first.


Jingle Bell Cup Toss

Office party games can look a lot like the regular old party games we know and love. This simple game can be played either individually or in teams. Set up a series of empty cups at one end of a table or room. Players take turns lobbing jingle bells into the cups. The winner is the team or player with the most bells landed at the end of the game.


Holiday A to Z

To play this fast-paced holiday game, divide your players into two teams. Provide them with a sheet of paper and simple instructions: teams have 3 minutes to list a single word for each letter of the alphabet that relates to Christmas. The team with the most relevant words at the end wins!


Candy Cane Cards

This simple Christmas work game only requires a deck of cards and a package of candy canes. If you’ve ever played Spoons, you already know how to play this fun game. Set out a candy cane for every player minus one. (7 players means 6 candy canes.) Players take turns drawing cards until they get 4 of a kind, such as 4 Jacks. When a player has a pair, they must grab a candy cane as stealthily as possible. Then, everyone else must grab a candy cane. The player who fails to notice in time is eliminated.


Christmas Movie Trivia

Looking for a funny team-based work game to get everyone in the Christmas spirit? Divide the office into teams and set them against each other in a game of Christmas Movie Trivia. The best trivia questions pull from classic Christmas movies such as Home Alone or Elf as well as movies that fit your office culture. For example, if a majority of your office are the parents of small children, a few questions about Frozen or The Grinch can warm hearts and make everyone feel involved.


2 Truths and A Lie: The Worst Christmas Gift

Another familiar party game with a holiday twist, this game requires little explanation and creates some memorable moments. Ask everyone to come up with three downright awful Christmas gifts – only one of which must be true. Take turns guessing which terrible Christmas gift is real. The winner is the person who correctly guesses the most awful gifts.


Oven Mitt Unwrap

If you spend any time during the holidays in the kitchen, you probably already know how difficult it is to get anything done while wearing oven mitts. Now it’s time to ask your guests to get to work unwrapping gifts while wearing oven mitts! The winner is the person who successfully unwraps their gift in the least amount of time.


Instant Snowman

This simple office game can produce some comical effects when you enlist the help of office pranksters. As the party begins, pick one person to become your snowman. Then, explain the rules. One person in the room will freeze completely at a random time, and when they do, everyone else should too. The last person to notice the entire room slowly becoming an army of frozen snowmen is the new snowman and should start the process over later in the party.


20 Questions: The Christmas Edition

Playing 20 Questions with a holiday twist makes for a simple Christmas game that everyone can quickly get into. Play some holiday music in the background to help set the mood. You can either have guests take turns asking questions, or come with a prepared list ready to spark conversation and good times:

  • If you could only receive one type of gift in your stocking for the rest of your life, what would it be? (One gift, but the stocking is filled with it.)
  • If you were in charge of The Reindeer Games, what event would you add?
  • Eggnog or hot chocolate?
  • If you could stop honoring one modern holiday tradition, what would it be? (Bonus points for the cheeky employees who answer ‘office parties’ or ‘white elephant gift exchanges’.)


Let’s Wrap This Up

Looking for the best way to wrap up your work Christmas party? Grab two volunteers and split your party into teams. Each team will be tasked with using wrapping paper, tape, and bows to create the most beautifully wrapped human the office has ever seen. You can choose to judge by either speed or presentation.

Now that you’re prepared with nerve-busting games that will make your holiday office party memorable, it’s time to find the right workspace to host meetings for the week afterward while you clean up. The office spaces listed on Square Workspace allow you the organized and clean space you need to get your office prepared for the holidays, both before and after the annual holiday party.