For your next corporate event, consider thinking outside of the box to reward your team for their hard work and to bring them closer together. Corporate events ideas should focus on the idea of fostering collaboration and building relationships within your team. Boost your office’s morale through fun and creative party games throughout your next event, and you’ll find your team working like a well-oiled machine when you return to work.


Hire A Magician

Reliving the magic and wonder of your childhood is a recipe for an office party to remember. Even a short performance will delight your team and bring them out of the day to day, helping them think outside of the box. Bringing in a magician is a simple way to get creative with your next corporate event.



Bring bingo out of dusty old halls and into your next office party. This simple game is a great ice breaker, and it can be customized to suit any office culture. Theme your bingo cards and markers (candy works well) around your party or keep things simple with number bingo.


Board Game Day

Invite your staff to bring their favorite board game to your next corporate event, and be sure to bring a few classics yourself, like Monopoly and Scrabble. Supply plenty of low mess snacks and drinks to keep the games going!


Frisbee Golf

A great way to take your next corporate event outside is to play a quick game of frisbee golf. Set up some goals, split the office into teams, and bring out the frisbees! Getting your staff outside and active will help them feel recharged before returning to work.


Laser Tag

Laser tag isn’t just for kids, and it makes a fun corporate event to break up presentations and guest speakers. Extremely competitive offices will love this idea! Break your employees up into teams and offer prizes for the winners


Solve A Crime

One trendy corporate event idea incorporates the true-crime craze: murder mysteries and crime scene investigations. You can find murder mystery kits or crime scene kits available online, or create your materials customized for your office. Watch as your team works together to solve the crime, becoming a more efficient team than ever before.


Improv Class

Improv classes are a creative way to bring your employees out of their shells and bring them all closer together. Since one of the best ways to be good at improv is to be fully attentive to the scene and the moment, this class helps encourage your team to focus while still having a good time.


Picnic Day

Taking the team out for a picnic is sure to be a crowd-pleaser; who doesn’t love free food and a field trip? A local park and catered sandwiches go a long way to helping your employees fit a little downtime into their busy work lives. Giving your team a chance to unwind and get to know each other, even for just a picnic, is invaluable for increasing collaboration within your team.


Office Dance

From a disco dance party to an office prom, this corporate event idea is a tried and true favorite of many. When planning office dance parties, don’t be afraid to get creative: use themes, dance instructors, and music choices to spice things up.


Treasure Hunt

Use a treasure hunt to keep your employees engaged and having fun throughout your next office party. Whether you hide themed items all around the office, host an outdoor treasure hunt, or find the most obvious yet missable hiding spots, there are plenty of ways you can reinvent the concept of a treasure hunt to bring your team together.


Food Eating Contest

Looking to add a competition to your next corporate event? There are few sore losers in a food eating contest and fewer empty stomachs. Take a field trip to a restaurant that offers these contests for business events if you’re looking for an experience outside the office. If your budget is a bit tighter, you can host your food eating contest in the office.


Hire A Boat

A day out on the water can be just what your team needs to come back to the office feeling recharged. From renting a pontoon boat to cruise the lake to a more expensive boat complete with crew and captain, there are plenty of options to fit any corporate event budget.


Be Tourists

How about taking the team somewhere new as your next corporate event idea? Even in your city, being a tourist and visiting the local tourist attractions brings the team out of the office and lets them experience the world around them with a fresh perspective.


Visit a Zoo

While visiting the zoo, your team will get to go on a nostalgic field trip that will bring them closer together as they learn more about the natural world. As a corporate event idea, a trip to the zoo gives your team a break from the breakneck pace of the business world.


Ping Pong Tournament

Ping pong is a great work party game that can be played at any time: when the team is stressed and need a break, to celebrate sales goals, because it’s Wednesday, or when you’re trying to build enthusiasm and motivation in your team.



There are many different ways to get your team involved in volunteer work. From animal shelters to food kitchens, there are always charities and volunteer efforts that need a helping hand. Helping others or working toward common causes can help foster a sense of empathy and compassion in your team.


Dancing Class

Just like with throwing an actual dance party, this fun corporate event involves getting your team up and moving to break the ice. Bring in a dance instructor, be it square dancing or ballroom dancing, and clear the dancefloor.


Comedian Night

Hiring a local comedian or challenging your team to write their jokes can turn your average work dinner into a team event to remember. Be sure your hired comedian knows they’ll be working at an office party to keep the jokes appropriate. Even with that, you’re sure to get a night full of laughs to help everyone unwind.


Fundraise for Charity

Just as volunteering can help bring your team together, fundraising for charity is a creative corporate event that works toward a common goal. Working toward a good cause not only helps take your team out of the office for a break, but it also helps provide a fresh perspective to take back to the office.


Cooking & Baking Classes

With the rise in popularity of cooking and baking competition shows, hosting a class or competition for your next corporate event is a great way to break the ice and get your employees engaged. You can even host themed classes to help celebrate accomplishments or holidays.


Escape Rooms & Games

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re a fun activity to break out of a routine business dinner or office potluck funk. There are many escape rooms available to rent, each with their unique challenges, but you can always set up one of these games in your office itself if you’re on a budget.


Photo Booths

Taking silly photos together at the start of your next office party is a great ice breaker. Photo booths bring office parties closer to their themes, and their employee’s social media feeds, building brand recognition while also letting your team have a blast. Be sure to include plenty of props and a themed background for your team to use throughout the night.


Relay Races

Relay races work as a fast ice breaker for any office party. Split your employees into teams and give them an object to relay with. Anything from an egg on a spoon to a giant candy cane can be passed from person to person. Adding obstacles or additional rules can help you customize your relay to fit the party.


Spa Weekend

For those events where you need an idea that will help your team relax and recharge, consider a spa weekend. There are plenty of options at every budget, from spa kits to full-service days spas. This one will surely be an employee favorite, and they’ll come back to the office recharged and ready to get down to business.


Theme Park

Theme parks are super fun at any age. Planning a trip to a local theme park or water park can be just what your team needs for the next team building event. Making memories, facing rollercoaster fears, and enjoying themselves together will help build relationships within your team.


Painting Class

This creative business event idea allows you to keep it simple and fun while encouraging your employees to get creative. Invite your team to a painting class! You can go for themes like neon paint, a Bob Ross painting party, or watercolor painting. You can either search for a local artist to bring the class to your office or take your team to the painting class itself.


Live Art

If your employees themselves would rather not make the art, bringing in a live artist can still get your team in the creative spirit! From street artists who use spray paint to create masterpieces in minutes to those who can create beautiful calligraphy in a few strokes, watching art being created right before your eyes is a unique and fun experience.


Karaoke Night

Everyone loves a good old fashioned karaoke night. This event idea is a classic but can be customized to fit almost any work-related event. Consider adding in karaoke to your next office party with themes, guess the song contests, and prizes for the most convincing performances.


Brewery Tour

A tour through a local brewery is a simple and unique corporate event that’s sure to keep the office talking for months afterword. Your employees will love the break from the office and the experience, and you’ll also be helping a local business at the same time.



Office potlucks are an inexpensive party idea that’s flexible and fun. You can theme your potlucks around different ingredients or types of food. Make sure you use a signup sheet to keep from having a potluck full of desserts and no main courses.


Corporate Trivia

A large game of Jeopardy! Style trivia is a tried and true corporate event idea. Sprinkle in company based questions with questions from popular pop culture. If you have an extremely competitive office, consider dividing your employees into teams and pitting their trivia knowledge against each other.


However you think outside the box for your next corporate event, make sure you start with a change of venue. The best way to help break your team out of their regular day to day work is by having your office party somewhere else. If you’re interested in finding the right office space for your next corporate event, we’re here to help.


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