Unproductive team meetings are the worst. They’re a huge waste of time and resources. Not to mention, annoying and bothersome (despite the free donuts!) 

First, let just establish the fact that meetings are an important aspect of a business. It’s a way to bring people together to solve problems, discuss ideas, brainstorm, get feedback, and a whole lot more. Yes, we need meetings. However, they don’t often turn out the way we want to.


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Based on this infographic by Atlassian, most employees waste about 31 work hours each month in unproductive meetings. And that 91% of those attendees use this time to daydream, 73% did other work, 47% complained, and  39% slept. And it’s not just happening in one country but from all over the world. What an epidemic! 

If you want to avoid having these meetings in the future, try these tried-and-true effective team meeting tips.

Foster work relationship

According to David Dye, there are two goals for every team meeting; build relationship and achieve results.

“Teams require trust, and that is only built through time spent together, through solving problems, making decisions, and learning how everyone operates, sees the world, and shares information.” – David Dye, President of Trailblaze, Inc.

If your meetings are not bringing everyone together or producing clear results, then they’re a complete waste of time.

Get everyone involved

Most people aren’t really keen on speaking out and voicing their opinions. They’re shy. But by getting everyone involved, you’re likely to get a genuine interaction and build up the connection with everyone on your team. Now, here come’s the fun part. Call on people directly. Ask them for their say on the matter. State that their feedback is important and that you’re keen to know their views. Or why not try rotating the meeting leader on a weekly/monthly basis? Lastly, get topic suggestions from every department so that everyone gets a chance to participate.

how to have effective team meetings

Time your meetings

Long meetings can suck the energy out of people. Time is money. It’s too precious a resource to waste on waiting for a meeting to start (or to end). So make sure to time your meetings. Start and end on time. When people realise that you’re keeping track of time, it helps them to focus on the meeting (and objectives) at hand. Bye bye daydreaming!

Choose the meeting room wisely

Meeting rooms can make or break your meeting so make sure to choose your team meeting room wisely. Aside from comfort and environment, consider factors such as proximity to public transportation, parking, equipment – the whole lot. If you’re looking for a meeting room, we can help you find the best one.

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