While it’s important to have team meetings every now and then, it’s even more so that those meetings are effective and have the potential to achieve their purpose.


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But as you and I know, it’s not that easy. Some team meetings tend to be ineffective and a total waste of time.

How many times have you been in a meeting where the mood and the energy levels of the people around you are as low as can be? How many times have you experienced the conversations drift off and wander aimlessly from one topic to the next? We’re betting that it’s more than you can count.

If you don’t want your team meetings to end up like the ones mentioned above, try these tips.


Start strong

One of the main reasons why meetings fail is because they don’t start the right way. Standup comics often start strong to immediately make a connection with their audience. And you should start the same. Be positive. Full of energy. Remember, your team takes your cue from you. If you don’t grab their attention from the beginning, they will focus it elsewhere or worse, zone out.

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State the agenda

Your team needs to know why they’re convening in a meeting room and getting yanked away from their work. You’ve got to make it clear that they’re there for a reason and it’s important that you get their input. State the agenda as soon as the meeting starts to keep everyone focused. Get them to see how this meeting will benefit the company.

Stick to the schedule

When you start and end on schedule, you are showing your team that you respect their time. Sticking to the schedule allows your team to focus on the task at hand. Action items and review the list at the end of the meeting to make sure that every item is covered.

That’s it! Take these tips and set you and your team up for successful and effective meetings moving forward. Check our effective team meeting spaces today.


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