Good, harmonious relationships among colleagues don’t happen overnight. It takes time and also a little help from supervisors and managers by breaking the monotony of office work and incorporating team-building activities during meetings, office parties, or even just some regular days at the office.

Fun team building activities can set the tone of a meeting or event. It also fosters camaraderie new friendships, better communication, and collaboration among coworkers who usually don’t get to mingle daily.

Here is a collection of team building ideas to create a better relationship among employees:


1. Prepare a game of Office Trivia 

This is a test on how observant the employees are of their surroundings. Questions like how many doors are there in the office and how many floors does the office building have is a fun way to get everyone to participate. This game is great for indoors or outdoors.


2. Get to know each other with two truths and a lie

Each member takes a turn telling the group two or three truthful statements about himself and one untrue thing. The rest will then guess which statement is a lie. This game allows participants to share something about themselves.


3. Invite everyone to a potluck 

Everyone likes to eat and sharing a meal with the team is an excellent way to get to know one another. It’s also a great way to relax after work with a relaxed get-together.


4. Create a little competition with a cook-off

Put a spin on the usual potluck and make it a contest. You can divide the group into teams or ask for volunteers who love to cook.


5. Organize a small photo shoot

This is a group activity that fosters teamwork, planning, as well as task delegation. Make a list of things, people, or situations that the group needs to capture using their camera phones. You can ask them to take photos of a person riding a bike, a fruit, a dog, or a baby.


6. Build trust by playing ‘follow the leader’

This will test the participants’ ability to give and follow directions. Divide the team into pairs. One person will be blindfolded and is tasked to retrieve a specific item. The other person will provide directions on how to get to that item.

7. Improve the teamwork with a game of ‘bring me’

This is an easy activity to liven up the group. You can divide them into teams or not. Ask them to bring certain items such as a family photo, a mirror, or a sandwich. The team or person that brings the object first earns a point.


8. Get to know each other with a round of ‘show and tell’

If you have shy employees, this is a great way to get them to share and start talking. One by one, each participant shows an item and tells the group something about it.


9. Do something good with community service

Aside from the usual team building activities for work, supporting a common cause or charity is another way for employees to come together and bond as a team. Decide which cause you want to support and schedule a day to volunteer together.


10. Improve communication with a game of ‘group timelines’

This is a group activity where members arrange themselves according to different criteria such as according to height, number of siblings, or how many countries they have visited. The fastest team wins.


11. A fun game with a need for creativity: charades

This is a classic game that brings out the team’s creativity. Employees take turns acting out a word or phrase while others try to guess what it is.


12. Let people guess the object

Put a spin on the classic game of Charades and play this instead. Show one person an object such as a water dispenser or a stapler, and he will let the rest of the team guess that object without speaking.


13. Invite your team to a game of ‘Shipwrecked’

This game will highlight the team’s planning, creativity, and leadership skills. Each group will get cut out pictures of the same items. They each have a few minutes to decide which five items they will bring with them in case they are stuck on an island. Let them explain why they chose those items.


14. Sharpen problem-solving skills with the ‘egg drop’

This is a test on creativity and resourcefulness. Give each team a raw egg and instruct them to create a device or carrier that will protect the egg when dropped. They can use any material found in the office, such as a handkerchief, paper, or empty box.


15. Let the team create bucket lists

What better way to know more about your coworkers than by sharing each other’s bucket list. This gives a glimpse of what matters most to each employee.


16. What’s My Name?

This is a great activity for big groups who don’t know each other. Each participant writes their name and three different names on a piece of paper in no particular order. They go around, and everyone tries to guess each other’s name by putting a checkmark next to the name that they think is the name of that person.


17. Learn what matters to your team outside of wrk with ‘Treasure Chest’

Everyone writes down one thing that they want in life. Be specific. Don’t just write a house. Describe what house they want. Do they want a townhouse in the city or a cottage in the mountains or maybe a house with white picket fences? The pieces of paper are then placed in a box or “treasure chest”. Read out loud what is written one by one and the group tries to guess who wrote that particular dream or goal.


18. Who Is It – A fun game to get to know each other

Another easy, fun way to get to know each other is to write a fun fact or secret about themselves on a piece of paper. Each secret is then pulled out from a box, and everyone will guess who that secret belongs to.


19. Who would you invite?

Each employee takes turns telling everyone in the group who they would like to invite to a dinner party. They can choose any person, dead or alive, famous or not, and explain why they chose that person. This activity gets everyone to start talking and participate more in the discussions.


20. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

This children’s game is also one of the most popular team building games for adults. It’s perfect for indoors or outdoors. To make it more interesting, group employees from different departments. This game requires preparation at least a day in advance, but the result is all worth it. You can even do this on an ordinary day where employees can look for the items as they go about their work. Whichever team finds the most items at the end of the day wins.


21.  A True Classic: A Game of 20 Questions

A volunteer will think of an object and write it down on a piece of paper. Others will guess what it is by asking questions answerable by yes or no. The goal is to be able to guess that object in 20 questions or less. This is a good exercise in how to ask the right questions and improve communication.


22. Help large groups get to know each other with human bingo

This is perfect for large groups who don’t interact with each other all the time. There will be categories such as curly hair, blue eyes, has five kids, has a pet dog, etc. Everyone goes around the room and ask each other who falls under each criterion and writes the name of that person. The first one to complete the list wins.


23. Put a new spin on gossip

Ask for a volunteer who will be the “target”. Everyone else will write something they know about that employee. The target will read what everyone has written and try to guess who wrote it. This is a good exercise to see how well they know one another.


24. Learn more about each other with storytelling

Each one will take turns telling the group a typical day for them at the office. The objective is for everyone to get a glimpse of what each team member contributes to the company.


25. Use an obstacle course to build more trust

Make an obstacle course using objects found at the office, such as chairs and desks. Split the group into pairs. One of them will be blindfolded and will have to pass through the obstacle course while their partner coaches them and gives directions. This activity promotes trust and how to communicate effectively.


26. Back-to-back Drawing

This is another paired activity. You will need a simple drawing or picture. The pair sits with their backs to each other. The one holding the picture describes it to their partner without telling them what it is. Then the other person will try to draw the picture. In the end, find out if the drawings resemble each other. This is a test to see how well the pair gives directions and follows instructions.


27. Improve teamwork with this small challenge

Use a tarp or any large sheet. Ask everyone to stand on it and challenge them to flip the sheet without them getting off the tarp or stepping on the ground outside the sheet. When one steps on the floor, they have to start over. The objective of this is to foster the group’s collaboration and problem-solving skills.


28. Challenge your teams creativity by playing ‘tallest tower’

You need at least two teams for this. Give each side some materials and ask them to build the tallest tower they can make using only the materials you gave them.


29. Create a memory wall about your team-building activities

Distribute post-it notes to everyone and ask them to write a memory that will fall under different categories such as “the first day at work”, “office Christmas party”, or “work travel”. This corporate team-building exercise promotes positive experiences, and looking back makes employees appreciate the time they have spent together.


30. Arrange a board game tournament

This can involve everyone at the office and may last a few days, depending on how many will join and their time availability. You can have a Scrabble, Jenga, or Chess tournament. Participants will get to meet employees from other departments while the rest can watch and cheer for their teammates.


31. Have some fun at karaoke night

This can be done during office parties or just a regular Friday as a fun way to start the weekend. You would be amazed to see who among your colleagues have hidden talents in singing.


32. Let the team decorate an office

Choose an area in the office that employees can decorate as a team. It can be a conference room or a wall in the hallway. Every month, a different team will be assigned to decorate that specific area. They can be as creative as they want to be. Take pictures, and at the end of the year, everyone can vote on their favorite decoration.


33. Send the Team out for Lunch or Dinner and Drinks

Going out to dinner and drinks with coworkers remains one of the best team bonding activities among employees. A lunch or night out with coworkers paid for by the company is a great stress reliever and a way to get to know each other outside the office setup.


For employees to reach their full potential, they need to be with people they get along and enjoy working with. It helps to conduct different types of team-building exercises now and then to break the monotony of work and make the office a fun place to be.


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