The season of Christmas parties is about to start. For some employees, it gets to be the same old gathering that they’d rather skip altogether. If you are in charge of the party this year, you might want to try some fun work Christmas party ideas to get everyone excited this year.

An office Christmas party can be as simple or extravagant as you want them to be. No matter how big or small, there are little details you can add to make it unique and memorable.

Allow people to bring a plus one

These events are great bonding activities, and what better way to get to know your employees than to meet someone special in their life. Giving them the option to bring a guest is always a nice gesture.

Tip: Ask in advance who will bring a guest with them so you can have the correct headcount when choosing the venue and other preparations. 

Organise a Raffle surprise

Everyone loves winning and surprises. Give each employee a raffle ticket as they enter the door. Announce the winners at random times throughout the night. If their number is called and they’ve already left the party, they forfeit the prize.

Tip: Do a quick survey of what employees want to get. Power banks, headphones, portable speakers, and car chargers are useful items to give away. 


Bring your employees together with a Secret Santa

There are many different ways to do Secret Santa. Come up with your own Secret Santa rules together as a team. You can create a wish list. The gifts can also have themes such as something shiny or something funny.


Donate to a common cause

Because Christmas is the season of giving, donating to a chosen charity is a wonderful company project that you can do each year.


Choose a theme for your Christmas party

No matter where you plan to hold your company Christmas party, coming up with a perfect theme can make a big difference. The possibilities are endless but here are some Christmas party themes for work that you can try.

A corporate Christmas party is not limited inside the office. You can choose other venues as well. Spare Workspace has listings of large function halls that would be perfect for all kinds of events.


Bring the snow to your party with the Winter Wonderland theme

Whether it snows in your area or not, it would be fun to decorate your office or party venue with lots of silver, white, and grey. If you are pressed for time, you can buy winter garlands online or in an arts and crafts store. You can also go the DIY route and cut out snowflakes, paint some branches and twigs, and create the decorations yourself.


Create a glamorous event with a Masquerade Ball

A Masquerade Ball is especially great if you’re holding your year-end bash in a ballroom. You can also hire a professional photographer and a photobooth to capture everyone all glammed up for the party.


Turn you fun work Christmas party idea into a family event

A circus-themed party can be ambitious but definitely worth the effort. If you are allowing employees to bring their family and kids with them, this would be a sure hit. Have different food carts of all your favorite circus food like cotton candy and popcorn. You can also hire magicians and clowns for entertainment.


Choose an Amazing Race theme for an action-packed party

Based on the TV show of the same name, this makes an exciting and activity-packed office party. Divide the office into different pit stops and organise scavenger hunts and challenges in every stop. The game ends back in the party area where food is served.


The Decades Theme is the absolute classic theme

Reminiscing the past decades is another great idea for a theme party. Conduct a poll and see which decade wins. Just going through the fashion and music of each decade will make everyone want to party all night.


Reward your employees with an Office Awards Night

The end-of-year company Christmas party is also the perfect opportunity to recognise the hard work of the employees. Make sure the party vibe doesn’t stop by alternating serious and fun awards. After announcing the Best in Sales award, follow it up with Best Dressed for the Night.


The Food is one of the most important aspects

Food is always at the center of every party. You want to make sure that you have all dietary restrictions and choices covers. For example, make sure you have vegetarians dishes and a variety of salats. Whatever you choose, put extra effort into choosing the party menu.


Serve food that matches the theme of the party

The internet is a great source of inspiration and ideas for party food. Some employees might have food sensitivities or are vegetarians, so make sure to include dishes that they would eat.


Give your Christmas party a homey-feel with a Potluck Party

If you are a foodie and love trying out different kinds of food, you will definitely love potluck parties. To make it more Christmasy, ask everyone to bring their favorite holiday dishes.


Decorations are a must for Christmas parties

Holiday ornaments can definitely put you in a festive mood. The same is true when it comes to parties. Here are some suggestions for your party decorations:

Make the most out of your holiday decorations

Decorate your office according to the theme of the Christmas party then use those same decorations for the actual event. You’re not just saving money, you’re also helping the environment.

Reuse past decorations

Before ordering new stuff, take a look at what you have in the back of the office stockroom. You can also ask employees if they have anything at home that can be used as decoration for the Christmas party.


Entertainment for your work Christmas party ideas

To complete this staff party ideas list, here are some suggestions for entertainment and other things you can include in your upcoming company Christmas party.


Live Music gives your party that little extra

Depending on the theme of the party, you can get a local band, a pianist, or even someone from your own company to provide entertainment. It’s a great way for employees to showcase their talents and to do something creative for a change.


Battle of the Bands / Talent Competition

What’s even better than live music? A talent contest! Employees might be shy so offering a cash prize as incentive will make it worth their time and effort.


Organise a Baking Contest

Christmas is all about baked goodies. Have a cookie bakeoff or a cupcake making contest. This will be fun, not just for the bakers but also for everyone especially when they all get to vote for their favorite baked item.

Photo Booths / Professional photographers and videographers

Sure, everyone has a smartphone now and can take pictures anytime they want. However, having a professional photographer take candid shots of your employees enjoying the night is definitely going to be appreciated. A photobooth has also become a party essential these days because it also serves as a souvenir for everyone.


Invite Santa Claus for small and big guests

He is Christmas personified. The perfect surprise guest for your office Christmas party. Everyone will have fun taking photos with Santa.


Food Carts

Ice cream, hotdog, pretzels – everything tastes better when you get them from a food cart.


And lastly, if you really want to throw a party that your employees will be excited about, ask them what kind of party they want 

Poll your team for holiday party ideas. It’s the perfect way to let employees know that this party is for them. Some of the things that you can ask:

  • Do they want to have the party in the office or someplace else?
  • Do they want to get all glammed up or do they want a lowkey party?
  • If there is a budget for raffles and surprise gifts, what items would they like to get? Do they prefer cash or gift certificates?

There you have it. Our best advice to create a fun work Christmas party idea with themes, activities, entertainment, decorations, and food. Which ones are you going to try?

Let us know how your office party goes.