From conference rooms rental to hotel meeting room hire, a lot of freelancers, remote workers, small business owners, and other professionals have been looking at meeting spaces that they can book on a need-to basis.


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Hotel meeting room hire

While hotels like Marriott and Swissotel have a couple of conference or meeting rooms available for hire, the whole process of finding and booking these hotel function rooms can be tedious. It also eats up a lot of time. What’s more, most of these hotel meeting rooms tend to be pricey and have to be booked a couple of months in advance. It’s certainly not the most convenient way to find and book spaces.

To find hotel meeting spaces, would-be guests need to go online to hunt for the right venue one by one. Sometimes, not all the information is posted on the website. Guests need to go through the hassle of calling these each of these hotels just to confirm pricing and availability. The whole process is then repeated over and over again until the right hotel meeting space is found.

Meeting Room Hire on-demand

Spare Workspace is one of Australia’s leading short-term workspace marketplaces. Professionals can easily access and book short-term workspaces in just a couple of clicks. From location to pricing, all information can be found in a single platform so there’s no need to go and look elsewhere. What’s more, guests have the option to choose from a wide range of workspaces from all over Australia such as offsite team meeting rooms, training rooms, hot desks and even event spaces.


The whole process is simple and pretty much works like Airbnb. Guests can browse and pick from vetted workspaces anytime and anywhere. What’s more, Spare Workspace has live booking options for available workspaces in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and all major cities in Australia.

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By using the site, guests can choose listings with real-time availability, confirm with the host or even book instantly – all in a matter of minutes. Bookings can be hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly depending on need.

What you’ll get

Spare Workspace offers a handy, convenient, and yet affordable way to find the perfect workspace. With this system, freelancers and remote workers can work in an office setting without succumbing to long contracts or extra charges like electricity, office supplies, and other additional amenity fees.

22 Person Training Room in Wynyard

This modern meeting room is ideally located in Wynyard and is available for offsite team meetings, trainings, and client interviews. It can comfortably accommodate 18-22 people and offers free coffee and tea.

Startups and companies can share the workspace with other businesses to reduce overhead costs. What’s more, coworking allows a startup company the flexibility to hire a space depending on the number of current staff.


This workspace is open from Mondays to Fridays at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Amenities include high-speed internet connection, shared kitchen, printer/scanner, and shower facilities. Catering is also available upon request.


Spare Workspace has helped hundreds of businesses from around the world find and book workspaces. The local team offers free concierge services and can help guests find the right space and secure bookings.


How does it work

Guests can compare thousands of high-quality workspaces on the site by using the search bar function. These curated listings have real-time pricing and availability. Plus, all workspaces are assigned with onsite managers to help guests check-in.

The workspaces available are desk (permanent and hot desking), meeting, event, and creative spaces. Booking is confirmed ASAP and details are sent via email.

Guests and hosts alike are assured of a safe and secure online experience as Spare Workspace has partnered with the leading Australian payment gateway, PIN Payments (backed by NAB).

A shared workspace is an excellent option to consider whatever stage a business is in. Aside from getting a great space to work in, guests also have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, save some money, and tap into the unique creativity that only a collaborative workspace can deliver.


Book affordable meeting rooms and desk spaces when you need it, where you need it. Spare Workspace is one of Australia’s leading on-demand workspace marketplaces. We’ve scoured Australia for the very best meeting roomstraining rooms, and event spaces for your business. Search and hire the perfect workspace today!      


Search On-demand Meeting Spaces


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