First impressions last and when a guest is booking, photos are key! Potential guests need to get a good feeling about your space and how it would be like to have a meeting in it. And the best way for them to do that is to look at your photos. A good photo should draw them to your space. It should make guests feel comfortable and feel good about booking it.

So if you want to get more bookings, you definitely need to up your listings with attention-grabbing photos.

How do you that? Here are some dos and don’ts.

Take a wide-angle shot or a shot of the whole room in different angles. This allows the guests to visualise what the meeting room looks like as a whole and see the amenities/equipment included in the booking.

While guests need to see the workspace itself, they are also interested in common areas like the kitchen, foyer, breakout spaces and even what your place looks like from the outside.

Feel free to also showcase the neighbourhood, especially if you’re close to a row of lovely shops and restaurants or an attractive park.

At Spare Workspace, we recommend that you upload at least three photos in landscape (horizontal) format, two images of the meeting space at different angles and one image of the kitchen/breakout area.

What your photos should include

  • Lighting: Lighting is vital in a meeting space photo – if you have windows with natural light, be sure to show it!
  • A/V Equipment: Try to include all available A/V in your Profile Picture – you want to show off all inclusions at first glance. If it doesn’t fit in one shot, take a few shots from different angles.
  • Water: Include a pitcher of water with glasses as a place setting. The meeting planner doesn’t have to doubt if water is available.
  • Plants: Greenery in the corners softens the loneliness of just a table and chairs. A small pot makes the space more inviting and less “lecture” style.

Now, for some don’ts

As much as possible, avoid grainy, dark and low-resolution images. These will turn your guests off.

Avoid uploading shots taken at odd angles.


And there you have our top tips on how to choose which images to upload for your listings. Be sure to let us know if you this works for you!