Things are about to get more exciting as we present the brand new look and features at Spare Workspace! Aside from the fresh and modern design, these new features will help you earn more money from your listings.

New Look

New Dashboard Summary with a list of articles, analytics, and bookings.

We have done away with the old, dark look and introduced a new fresh and bright look and feel. Away from the “paint” change, we have overhauled the menu and made it easier to get to your bookings or listings. Based on feedback, we’ve also introduced a new “Guides, Checklist and Tools” section where you can learn how to improve your listings and make more from your space. 



Live Analytics

This nifty feature enables you to see current numbers at a glance. You can now track total views, enquires and bookings for the last 90 days and this is just the beginning. We are continuing to work and evolve this feature to include more data. If you have any feedback on what you would like, do let us know.



Dynamic Pricing & Booking Type

You can now set pricing for different times of the week. This is helpful if the weekday differs from the weekend rates. For e.g. Mon-Friday might be $450 per day and Saturday $600 per day. Or perhaps you have different rates outside business hours, for e.g. Mon 9-5pm is $70 per hour and $95 per hour from 5pm-9pm.

You can now also set certain time periods to Instant Booking* e.g. you might have Mon-Fri 9am-5pm as Instant and Request to Book for 5-8pm Monday to Friday. 


*Instant Booking attracts 5x more bookings. Schedule a call to learn more about Instant Booking


‘How to Find Us’ Option

To help Guest’s find your venue, we’ve added a “How to find us” information. This is the perfect spot to let guests know which level, building, or place your space is at. 


Updated Amenities

Finally, we have updated our ‘Amenities & Extras’ list to make it more relevant to your space. This includes Catering Offerings, Natural Light, Projectors, Flip Chart, Whiteboard, etc. We’ll be introducing more amenities and the option to charge extra for these in the coming months. Watch this space 😉 




… there is plenty more to come. In the next few weeks, we’ll be improving multi-user management, bank account management and more.

To check out the new update, log into your account.

Have feedback? Call us on 02 8417 3067 and ask for Chanel.