A great workshop can help professionals advance their careers and/or grow their businesses. Workshops are also valuable for businesses that facilitate them. Organisation and the running of an effective workshop helps employees learn new methods and skills.

When done correctly, a workshop can provide an incredibly valuable experience for both the facilitators and the attendees. However, running effective workshops require organised planning, focus, and more often than not, creativity. As a workshop facilitator, you are responsible for ensuring the workshop’s success and that means getting every detail right which includes booking the ideal workshop space for rent.

At Spare Workspace, we know how demanding it is to organise events and so we created this handy guide on how to effectively organise a workshop. If you’re running a workshop anytime soon, you need to start with these basic steps.


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Step 1: Define the objective of the workshop and finalise the list of attendees

It all starts with defining the goal or what you hope to accomplish with the workshop. Whether the goal is brainstorming, interactive learning, or collaboration, decide on which topics are relevant and go from there. Next, make a list of the people who will attend the workshop and send out the invites. There are apps like Calendly, Pick A Meeting, and Grapple that can make this task a breeze. This removes the hassle of follow-ups, back-and-forth emails, or phone calls.



Step 2: Find the ideal on-demand workshop space

This one is important and should be set early on. With running workshops, the space can influence the effectiveness of the workshop itself.  The ideal workshop room should have the equipment that you need in order to carry out the event successfully. It should also be spacious, well-lit, and fitted with comfortable chairs. Here are some more tips in choosing the right workshop space:

  • The workshop space for rent should be in a location that’s easily accessible especially from attendees who will be using public transportation to get to the site.
  • It should have WiFi and whiteboard/monitor/projector or even teleconferencing if you require one.
  • The venue should provide in-house catering options or allow external catering if they don’t.
  • Depending on the workshop, there should be ample space for breakout sessions for attendees.
  • The room should be flexible with the arrangements of chairs and tables to suit your requirements. Everyone should be able to see the projector or monitor from where they are seating.


Workshop Space 60 Guests in Melbourne
Workshop Space 60 Guests in Melbourne: This modern meeting room for 24-60 people is suitable for business meetings, seminars, training, and workshops. It comes with complimentary tea, coffee, and biscuits.


Workshop Space Melbourne

To give you a headstart, here are some of the top workshop spaces in Melbourne:

50-Person Workshop Space with a Fantastic View

This wide and open workshop room for up to 50-person is located on Spencer Street and has a fantastic view over the Docklands area. Amenities include WiFi, projector, whiteboard, TV & AV. Catering options are also provided to guests. It’s an ideal space for team workshops, training sessions, meetings and other out-of-office events.



Modern Workspace with Natural Light for 30 People

For those looking for a workshop space in Melbourne, this bright and modern workspace with floor-to-ceiling glass windows can serve 20 persons. The room is equipped with the essentials such as WiFi, a whiteboard, flipchart, and projector. Booking includes access to a kitchen with unlimited coffee, tea, and water. Catering options are available as well.

For the full list, here are the lists of the top Workshop Spaces in Australia:

Top 5 Workshop Spaces in Melbourne
Top 5 Workshop Spaces in Brisbane
Top 5 Workshop Spaces in Sydney


Step 3: Delegate some responsibilities

A successful workshop more often than not is attained through the help of other people. Running workshops can mean working on a lot of tasks like logistics and other preparations. If you’re pressed for time, assign a person who is responsible to find and check out a workshop space for rent and ensure that every requirement is met. You can also assign someone who will arrange the materials like visual aids, notebooks and pens, and refreshments.

Running effective workshops is no easy feat but when you’ve mastered the basics, it should give you enough boost to successfully manage the rest.

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