What is cabaret room style setup?

A cabaret room style setup is a layout that is almost similar to a banquet style arrangement. The attendees are also seated at large tables but instead of being fully closed in, the cabaret room style is open-ended with the audience facing the stage or presentation area.


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Caberat meeting room format

Functions of a cabaret style meeting room

The cabaret room style setup is a good choice for business functions, company parties, training sessions, gala dinners, and events that require the audience to face a stage where the presentation will be held. If the event will last an entire day, you can opt for a classroom style meeting room as guests would not feel cramped and food can be served on site instead of moving the guests over to a dining area during breaks.

Cons of a boardroom setup

Because a cabaret room layout does take more space than other conference room setups, this will greatly reduce the seating capacity for guests and attendees. It also won’t work if the space is not large as there should be enough room for guests to walk to and fro the tables. There should also be a considerable amount of space between the tables at the front and the stage or projector.

How to set up a space cabaret style

Place a cluster of tables surrounded by chairs. Remove the chairs that are blocking the view from the stage. The remaining chairs should form an arc that is open-ended at the front facing the stage or projector. Make sure that there’s enough room for guests to stand up or walk around in. 


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