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About Spare Workspace

Spare Workspace, the AirBNB for Meeting Spaces, is an online marketplace that allows businesses to easily discover and book on-demand meeting rooms and training space by the hour or day from businesses with under-utilised workspace.

Who are we?


Founded in 2015, the business has experienced incredible growth, helping thousands of businesses around the country to make money from their empty meeting & training rooms, whilst also helping businesses save time by accessing unique and affordable space by the hour or day.

With strong demand, Spare Workspace is now one of the leading platforms for on-demand space in Australia, backed by some of Australia’s most experienced investors including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Angel groups & Artesian Investment Funds.


Spare Workspace operates on three core values.

Enable. Spare Workspace wants to enable every company with the best chance to reach their potential and not be held back by not having a workspace. We want to make it easy for anyone and everyone to have a workspace where they can be productive and those that have spare workspace to share it with others to find another revenue stream, reduce costs and increase local collaboration.

Simplify. Discovering and booking a meeting room should be as simple as booking a hotel room. Businesses should be able to find a workspace solution and start using it as soon as possible. For businesses that have workspace to share, there should be a platform to easily share with others without the hassle of agency agreements, collecting payments and everything in between.

Challenge. We’re challenging the market and the way people find and use meeting rooms. We want to make it better. We want it to be easier. And we want it to be more accessible. We’re challenging the traditional and time consuming process by allowing businesses to book space on-demand online 24.7

Our investors

Meet our team

We have an amazing team behind Spare Workspace that work tirelessly to create the best customer experience

Jake Dimarco


Founder & CEO



Customer Success Manager



Business Development Manager



Business Development Manager



Digital Marketing Expert



Content Producer

Dennis Puzak


Head Developer

Christian Gržan


Backend Developer

Tomislav Bobinac


Frontend Developer

Level 3, 17 York St
Sydney NSW

Level 3, 155 Queen St
Brisbane QLD

Press, Investment or Partnership Request? Please contact Jake Dimarco on 1300 647 488